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Can technology and education help provide better micro-loans?
29 July 2019

“As an industry, we want to ensure that technology doesn’t make inclusive finance more exclusive.”

How this duo went from MBAs in Oxford to helping SEA businesses get funding from banks
16 May 2019
“[We want] to truly unlock the power of inclusive finance and reimagine how financial services can serve those who need it the most.”

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Technology and Innovation: Tools to help close the Protection Gap in Microinsurance Markets
14 September 2020
"The ‘build it and they will come’ mentality doesn’t work here. It’s key to establish trust and understanding first, so that individuals feel empowered rather than discouraged."

Webflow Virtual World Tour 2020 — session spotlight
11 August 2020

"The key to great design is to start small, and then have fun with experimentation! As we run our business virtually, it’s of the utmost importance that we provide a great first (digital) impression.”

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Founders with purpose
8 October 2018

“We identified a major pain point for social impact organisations: quality educational content that is relevant, behaviour changing, and cost-effective.”

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Video hero: How Butterfly FX uses Vyond for social good
29 January 2019

“[Butterfly FX is] enabling micro-entrepreneurs to grow businesses and create opportunities for themselves.”